Would you or your loved ones cope financially if you got sick or injured and couldn’t work, or you die? You can request cover for death (including terminal illness), total and permanent disability (TPD), and salary continuance if you are employed but can’t work due to injury or illness.

When you receive automatic cover

If you join the GSJBW Superannuation Fund ('the Fund') when you start working for your employer, and you are aged 25 years or older and your super account balance is $6,000 or more, you will automatically receive a minimum level of death and TPD insurance cover (or death only if you opt out of TPD), subject to certain terms and conditions.

You can request to change this level of cover at any time by notifying the insurer in writing. Read the Insurance guide for more information.

How to get cover if you are not automatically covered

To apply for cover, complete and return an Update insurance cover form. Complete and sign the form, then return it by email to You’ll need to provide evidence of good health before any cover may be provided. If you receive cover, monthly premiums will be deducted from your account when cover commences. The Insurance guide has details of cover options and terms and conditions.

Flexible options

You can increase or decrease your cover to suit your needs subject to the maximum amount of insurance as follows:


Eligible spouse members

Other members


$1.0 million



$0.5 million

$3.0 million

Salary continuance

$30,000 per month

$30,000 per month

To increase cover, you’ll need to show evidence of good health before it may be provided. 

Your salary continuance cover gives a monthly benefit payment for up to five years. Other benefit payment options you can select are up to age 65 (subject to health evidence) or up to two years.

Changing your insurance

If your situation changes, remember to review your cover. You can request to change your cover at any time by completing and returning an Update insurance cover form. If your cover changes, your monthly premiums will adjust accordingly.


While most of us don’t like to think about dying, it’s important to be prepared if something unexpected happens. If you haven’t told us who you want to receive your super if you die, the Trustee will decide who receives your super, so it may not be allocated the way you would like. Providing a beneficiary nomination means we know your wishes and can make a difficult time easier for your loved ones.

Two types of beneficiary nomination

You can make one of two types of beneficiary nomination: a binding nomination or a non-binding nomination. For both types, you can only nominate your dependants or your legal personal representative. See the Product Disclosure Statement for an explanation about these terms.

A valid binding nomination means the Trustee is bound to follow your wishes. To make a binding nomination, complete and return a Making a binding death benefit nomination form. Follow the instructions on the form to make sure your nomination is valid. It lasts for three years, and can be revoked or renewed at any time.

non-binding nomination means the Trustee will consider your wishes but will make the final decision as to who receives your super. You can make and update a non-binding nomination through your account online; by calling us on 1800 025 026, or by completing and returning a Making a non-binding beneficiary nomination form. It lasts until you change it. 


If you’re not sure of how much cover you need, call the Helpline on 1800 025 026.

The information contained on this website is not updated in real time, so figures may be subject to change from time to time. This content is current as at March 2024.
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